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Product Name : Epoxy coated insulating paper
The base paper of our new product epoxy coated insulating paper is Tervakoski Tertrans N paper,and coat the special modified epoxy resion on the paper in net shape,then solidified to step B.It’s mainly used in high-low voltage coil and main channel insulation of oil immersed transformers.After winding and baking process,the epoxy coating insulating paper will increase the mechanical strength of the transformers’ coil.Improve the transformers’ ability to resist sudden short circuit.Therefore,the oil immersed  transformers will work effectively and safely for long term.
Product Solidification Conditions
First curing under temperature 90℃±5℃ for 3 hours, and then rise temperature to 125℃±5℃ and keep 6 hours to cure;curing in accordance with the privision of both parties is also available.
Store in a dry,clean and well-ventilated warehouse, and keep away from fire and heat point, also keep away from the sun. The storage period is one year, qualified products exceeding the storage period can still be used.