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15 kV 200A Feed-Thru Insert



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The CHARDON Rotatable Feed-Thru Insert is designed for assembly to a high-voltage bushing well and is used as a mating loadbreak connector for a loadbreak elbow or arrester. The torque limiting ratchet feature allows the lineman to rotate the feed–thru insert 360° to locate it in the best position for the specific application. The bail assembly supplied with the kit can be used to prevent the insert from moving. The Feed-Thru insert is designed to operate with a bushing well meeting the
interface requirements of Fig. 3 of the IEEE Standards for Separable Insulated Connector Systems, ANSI / IEEE 386. The elbow interface of the Feed-Thru Insert meets the requirements of ANSI/IEEE 386 as defined below :

  • 15kV 200A Class (8.3kV and 8.3/14.4kV)
  • 25kV 200A Class (15.2kV and 15.2/26.3kV)